Nobody had visited them in months…

When anelderly couple was overheard crying in Italy, four police decided to take a break from fighting crime to fight an equally threatening problem: loneliness.

Ninety-four-year-old Michele and 84-year-old Jole had become so grieved by their loneliness and all the bad news on TV that they couldn’t help but cry out in despair.

It started when Jole became incredibly upset over all of the news of war and destruction. Michele was equally burdened by his wife’s sadness, and his tears soon followed.They alsohadn’t had a single visitor in months.

Though the busy cops were stationed in a mafia hotspot in Italy where the crime rate isveryhigh, they knew their call of duty that day was one of compassion.

A viral Facebook post by Questura di Roma details the heartwarming event that took place when Ernesto, Mirko, Andrea and Alessandro were called out to the couple’s house.

“Jole and Michele, they love each other. But when the loneliness is a burden on the heart, it may happen that they lose hope,” the post read.“Can happen, like this time, that they scream so loud in their despair that, in the end, somebody calls the state police.”

“It is not always an easy life,” itcontinued. “Especially when the city is empty and the neighbors are away on vacation. Sometimes the loneliness melts into tears. Sometimes it’s like a summer storm. It comes suddenly and overtakes one.”

To ease the pain, the police asked if they could access theirpantry. They took out some pasta, cheese and butter, and whipped up a meal that warmed the couple’s hearts as much as it filled their tummies.


Facebook/Questura di Roma

The Facebook post called the simple three-ingredient meal, “nothing special,” but with a pinch of salt and a dash of love, itwas exactly the recipe Jole and Michele needed to fill the void in their wounded hearts.

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