Amy Schumer demonstrates the 10 emotional stages that every woman goes through when trying to get that perfect beach body this summer. Thank you, Kate Rumley, For this wonderful guide. 

  • 1

    Winter is still upon us

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 1: When you are still in exam / bulking mode and are blissfully unaware that its already May.

  • 2

    When June Hits

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 2: Small talk at the bar has changed to your summer plans and all the windows are covered in ‘festive chic’

  • 3

    Bikini tryouts

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 3: You put tan on before trying on last years bikini….now you still look fat and have tan on your bikini.

  • 4

    Burn b**ch!

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 4: Hit the gym HARD for the first 4 days and spend the other 3 nursing your body as your body hasn’t seen exercise for the past 8 months.

  • 5

    Think Dainty be Dainty

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 5: Order the vegan salad with sauce on the side… and the Spice bag at 2am in the morning.

  • 6

    What you think you will look like

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 6 : You think to yourself that after 8 days of ‘dieting’ you will now look like Margo Robbie.

  • 7

    Weigh Day

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 7: Shred the clothes, shred the jewellery and pray ….pray HARD!

  • 8

    What you actually look like

    Via: The Meta Picture

    Stage 8: Re-evaluate Life

  • 9

    Fu*k it!

    Via: Comedy Central/ via

    Stage 9: After a couple of bottles of wine you realise that bikinis are slutty and real women wear towels….in the sea

  • 10

    Is it winter yet?

    Via: Comedy Central

    Stage 10: Vow to start earlier next year….and start back at Stage 1

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