Avocados are beautiful in any form, whether theyre spread on toast (were not too picky), transformed into a rose, or served as an eggocado during brunch.

One artist, however, is taking our favorite fruit to the next level. Aquick peek at his gorgeous avocado art will leave you so impressed, you wont be able to eat your afternoon snack.

Daniel Barresi is an award-winning carving artist from Australia, so if you ever find yourself Down Under, let the king of the knife carve his way into your heart withhis creations, like this baby below.

Have you ever seen a fruit so majestic? I was pretty impressed with my avocado toast from Le Pain Quotidien, but clearly, I was missing out on the creativity. This blew my avocado pick-me-up right out of the water.

Does this ever happen after youre done prepping lunch? No? Me either, my friend no hard feelings.

All of this delightful #avocadoart is part of an avocado art show, according to Cosmopolitan, and its what we need in our museums, if you ask me. (I hope curators are taking notes.)

Naturally, avocados the basis for our beloved guacamole, aka the sole reasonwell shell out $2 for a fruit have gotten the attention of the internet.

Its not uncommon for other #avocadoart to pop up on social media.

Have a look at the green goodness and feel inspired.

Apparently, Daniel Barresi created his beautiful avocado art for The Avocado Show in Amsterdam. Stop by their shop iflove avocados as much as the rest of us!

Reddit users are losing their minds over this phenomenon.




We cant say we blame these people for going bananas over the #avocadoart. The high-protein fruit that abounds with benefits high protein, a healthy substitute for butter, hair and skin perks is not only good for us, but good for us to look at, too.

Elite Daily has reached out to Baressi for comment. He has granted access for photo use.

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