It’s finally that time! We’re announcing the winner of the Aldi’s “Back-to-School Healthy Recipe Contest,” and awarding the winner their big grocery gift certificate! But first, Chef Brigitte shows us how to make some open-faced rice cake treats!

Here is the recipe for Aldi’s winning treat!

Banana Swirl

4 to 5 bananas

Blender or food processor

1) Peel bananas and break each one into three or four pieces. Place the broken bananas into a bowl.
2) Put the bowl of bananas into the freezer and freeze until solid ( 2 to 3 hours).
3) Once frozen, put all the bananas into a blender or food processor (I prefer the food processor) and pulse until completely pureed and creamy.

When finished, this will taste and feel like a banana flavored ice cream! Add any toppings you like – chocolate or peanut butter chips, strawberry sauce, nuts… whatever! You can also add other frozen fruits – blueberries or strawberries work well. I love making this for my kids because its an ice cream sundae but made with fruit. Great way to sneak in extra fruits. Plus it is inexpensive, easy, and a great way to use up bananas that are getting overripe rather than throwing them away.