I grew up atthe Jersey shore (not to be mistaken for this Jersey Shore), and I know for a wearing real shoes on the beach can be painful and annoying.

TBH, theresnothing worse than walking onto the sandand getting itty bitty clumps in your shoes before you take em off and when you take them off, theres nothing more painful than sizzling your toes on the burning hot shoreline.

This is a tragedy I know all too well,my friends, and it isnt fun.

Thankfully, theres a new product comingthatllhelp you get rid of your beach shoes entirely, and anyone planning a tropical summer vacay needs it immediately.

The product is called Nakefit, and theyre basically shoes without the whole shoe part. In other words, everyone who loves going barefoot on the reg is going to them.

Nakefit consists of stick-on soles that will protect your feet from cuts and infections that you might get from walking around barefoot. As the promotional video expresses, its perfect for rocks, sand, the pool, and the spa.

Pretty cool, right? As someone who walking around barefoot, I need a pair immediately.

TheItaly-based product is entirely vegan, and comes in three different colors: blue, pink, and black.

According to the products Kickstarter page, the stick-on soles are super easy to take on and off, too so you wont have to struggle with the stickiness during your relaxing beach trip.

Based off the video, you wont have to hop around in the sand and run to the water to prevent your feet from burning, either (HALLELUJAH).

So far, the Nakefit Kickstarter already raised well over $100,000 and has exceeded its goal. If you want to contribute to the cause and pre-orderyour own pair, click here.

Could you order me a pink pair while youre at it? THANKS!

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