Cooking especially if you are new at it can be really tough. There’s a lot that can go wrong when preparing a dish, but hopefully you don’t botch it up badly.

Dakota Jean was excited to brag about her new chicken recipe on Facebook. But very quickly, people recognized that something was wrong…

Pro tip: There is no such thing as “medium rare” chicken. You will get sick. People became worried about Dakota pretty quickly.

Pretty disturbingly, though, some people had no problem with the dish. Alexis shared an emoji licking their lips, while Jamie lauded Dakota as a “great cook.”

As it turns out, Dakota might have just been trolling everyone. According to MyKissCountry937:

Butyou seeit was all a joke. She was never serious. She never ate any of that. She was just riling up Facebook, which is pretty easy if you just go along with it. The #vegan was a nice touch.

Well played, Dakota. Well played.

So maybe Dakota got the last laugh? Or maybe that went to this person who trolled Dakota on her own Facebook:

To be honest, this is why I just cook microwave pizzas.

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