Amazonwants to turn you into a money-spending wizard with yet another product designed to get you in touch with its personal assistant Alexa.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Dash Wand is a $20 gadget that lets you order items by scanning barcodes or simply telling it what youd like to purchase.

The black and white plastic device, which looks like an elongated USB stick, comes with a magnet and hook, so you can keep it on your fridge door. It functions a lot like its predecessor, the Dash, which was not only more expensive, but didnt come with Alexa.

Because it comes integrated with the personal assistant, the Dash Wand lets you do a lot more than just order from Amazon with your voice. For example, you can ask it to convert measurements, control other smart devices in your home, or give you recipe and local restaurant recommendations.

Amazon is hoping the Dash Wand becomes yet another way for customers to quickly purchase products from its site. To get the ball rolling, Amazon will give all Prime customers $20 back into their accounts when ordering a $20 wand, essentially making the purchase free. Just don’t expect that considerate contribution to last long once you start ordering items without ever having to open anapp or browser.

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